Canva, the start up unicorn

January 15, 2018
By Nicholas Beames

The current tech darling of Australia, Canva, has made news again recently after they secured funding from Blackbird Ventures. The company was valued at $US1 billion, making it a “unicorn” - a private company worth at least $US1 billion. Not bad for a little start up run out of Sydney, right?Canva is just another example in a long list of Aussies who have smashed through the Down Under ceiling and taken on the likes of Silicon Valley by storm. Starting with the simple premise of allowing people with limited graphic design skills to produce their own content, Canva has become a ‘must have’ by thousands - from parents, to entrepreneurs, to larger companies and businesses. It’s a sign of how two forces come together to result in something huge - an individual with a vision, and a venture capital firm with resolve and belief. And hey - if you’re a startup needing some graphic design work … check out Canva!