Dance for Entrepreneurs: Everything You Need to Know

November 4, 2016
By Nicholas Beames

Dancers don’t necessarily have to be only girls. There are plenty male dancers out there who go on to impact the art form significantly. But the costuming between men, women, boys and girls is necessarily going to differ for obvious reasons. This can be a limiting agent depending on the kind of choreography you’re involved with.Some choreography is going to have certain ideals behind it. For example, there may be a dance troupe that is involved in only one segment of a musical. Certain musicals have themes which aren’t traditional. There is quite a variety of shows designed to make audiences think about the horrors of war.

When you’ve got a musical which has a number incorporating soldiers, you’re going to need costumes which match the script. Sometimes there are scenes where a group of “troops” does a dance number. They’ve got to have combat boots. The thing is, combat boots are primarily designed for military application, not for a dancing.While boots can definitely take a beating—if you decide to source them from some surplus organization not concerned with dance—they definitely aren’t designed for the kind of movements involved in choreography. Additionally, you can’t find combat boots designed for children, and it’s likely there aren’t as many available for women in traditional military areas.Finding Your BootsThe solution here is to find an organization that has a professional concentration on dance and designs costume accouterments with this concentration in mind. When you’re looking to buy combat boots for women and children, you want those which are designed for movement, for style, and for effectiveness.Because make no mistake: even if your combat boots don’t come from a military provider, and are not designed for a military application, they are going to take a beating. Dance rehearsal can be every bit as intensive as a conventional occupation. Some dancers practice more than forty hours a week on a regular basis.So the combat boots you buy for your dance troupe ultimately have to stand the test of time. They have to be safe and requisite to rehearsal needs, and they must additionally be effective on the stage during performances—even if there are multiple performances. All that while being colored to match the motif of the performance, and designed to facilitate ease of movement.

Places To Source Boots

Just For Kix provides combat boots for girls, and in a variety of styles—according to the site: “Combat boots for women and kids [are] offered in black, pink, tan, and silver colors.” These boots have been developed by dance professionals who understand what is required, and how to help clients out directly.When you do end up sourcing boots from an organization, boots which are specifically designed for dance, you want also to have the option of purchasing other dancewear needs. Because let’s face it: combat boots aren’t ever—or at least, will almost never—be the only component of a dance costume. You’re going to have other clothing items that need strength and flexibility.

Combat boots have an interesting fashionable nature to them which has been trending in recent years. If you haven’t looked into this trend, it’s certainly considerable. Trends are reflected artistically, meaning the need for combat boots in dance is likely to expand as well. If you haven’t put together numbers incorporating them at your dance studio, you likely will soon.So explore the options available to you, and be sure to source those that will be most cost-effective, and can provide a show that has the desired effect.