State of the Venture Capital Industry in 2019

September 18, 2019
By Nicholas Beames

Alex Graham from Toptal writes this indepth look at the state of venture capital in 2019. It covers its all, so much so Toptal gave us permission to post in full to share the valuable insights Alex puts forward. Happy reading and remember you can click here to download a PDF version of this articleDespite the industry appearing relatively healthy, an unprecedented trend of fewer funded companies, but larger round sizes has emerged. This report takes a comprehensive look at the VC market of 2019 and the macro headwinds behind its current state, followed by the opportunities and threats that loom on the horizon. Because 2019 seems to be bringing an end to the current run in the box set of VC’s annals, the period bookended between Facebook’s 2012 IPO and Uber’s 2019 debut is a fascinating one to look back on.


Infographic by ToptalMore about this post here.