We invest at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds.

We typically look at companies raising up to $6M. We look for businesses that show market-tested acceptance of their solution and recurring revenue projections, preferably in multiple markets.

How it works

Ownership stake

We don’t have any strict ownership requirements but we usually target to acquire at least 20% at - or after - the first round of investment.

Leading the round

We invest in a limited number of companies each year with a high degree of involvement in leading and coaching the teams. We, therefore, prefer to lead the rounds we participate in.

Board seat

We usually require a board seat with our investment. Though we still find most of our work with the companies we back happens outside the boardroom.

Who we FUND

How we help

Founder Network

We are quite selective in who we back, but once we do, we invite you to join private events to network, learn and leverage off others. We like to hold dinners, investor roadshows, business growth trips and more.


We co-invest with local investors to tap local expertise, open new networks, share trusted vendors, and help ensure a smooth landing for an incoming 'landing party'.


Our networks connect us with trusted, known, and experienced people across all markets we invest in. As such we can give a leg-up on recruitment in new markets, saving a mountain of time and money.


We can help with everything from product development, to technical strategy, to growth hacking techniques. We've been there and done that, mostly, and have the resources at hand.

Mentor Programme

Our mentor programme supports and connects you with the people you need in order to grow your business. We work with seasoned and proven entrepreneurs ensuring they pass on to you what they know.


We provide finance knowing there will most likely be further debt and/or equity raising rounds. We have the experience and network to generate pitch data, arrange and manage roadshows, and close the rounds as they happen.

We would love to hear your business idea.