frequently asked questions

What kind of funding is provided?

We provide non-dilutive unsecured debt capital to businesses in deal sizes of up to $20 M AUD. We use the term unsecured debt capital as there is usually no requirement for company Directors to personally guarantee the loans with capital assets in their own name.  

How is capital different from other financing options?

Unlike equity venture capital, our debt capital allows owners to avoid dilution while funding business growth and working capital initiatives. The main idea behind funding a business with debt capital is to move the company to a later stage of commercialisation so it can raise equity at a higher valuation at a future point in time.

Can I use debt funding in replacement of equity venture to replace equity? capital?

Debt is a great compliment, and in many cases and alternative, to equity venture capital finance. Despite the 254 B USD globally invested into businesses by venture capital last year, many early stage companies do not fit the venture capital model and have had limited alternative options. We provide flexible funding that can be used for many of the same things venture capital goes towards which includes sales and marketing expenditure, to inventory needs expenditure, to acquisitions acquisition expenditure, and more.

Where does this investment come from?

We invest directly from our in house fund, which includes a community of trusted high net-worth individual limited partners while we also, partner with institutional pools of evergreen capital. , or all the above. Where the investment does not satisfy our mandate, we can refer you to other lenders we look to collaborate with at different stages.

What does Beames Capital do with my data?

We take robust steps to ensure all data is encrypted and kept completely confidential. We will never share your data with other businesses, or any third parties, without your consent.

How do I know if I qualify?

We’ve set up a short survey to figure out if we are a mutual fit in less than 10 questions. If we are, you’ll receive an invitation to connect with us and we’ll be in touch the next business day.

What financial information will I need to provide?

We ask for anything that provides a clear picture of your financial performance. This may include income statements, balance sheets, transactional data and capitalisation tables, as well as pitch decks or projection models.

How long does the whole process take?

After uploading your financial data and receiving an instant qualification for funding we can provide a financing offer in as little as a week. From there, funding can be cleared in your bank account in under one week.